The Massive Collective Consulting

Connecting innovation, transformation, and leadership


We help organisations to address their biggest challenges. We'll support you to transform your business, innovate and grow, reduce costs, leverage talent and gain a competitive advantage.

We can help you imagine, deliver, and run your future, wherever you compete, using the latest technologies, from strategy development through to implementation.

Our capabilities:

Data and Analytics
Intelligent automation
Management consulting
People and change
Process and operations
Sustainability and climate change
Technology Consulting

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Startup & Commercialisation

Pragmatic approach to tautoko start-ups towards their potential and commercialising its efforts for profitability.

Innovation & Transformation

Business and Digital transformation leads to innovation for your business or organisation and improved outcomes.

Kanban Consulting

Boost your productivity with our Kanban Training and Consulting. Streamline workflows, and improve efficiency.

Intercultural Training

Enhancing cultural awareness and offering culture-specific insights, fostering effective cross-cultural interactions.

We use technology and creativity to connect the customer with the business in better ways.

Supporting you to future proof your business

The Massive Collective is distinct in its ability to help clients solve their most complex problems, from strategy to implementation. We deliver value with the skills to integrate a broad range of talent and skills – across human capital, strategy & operations, and technology.
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Providing solutions to your most pressing challenges

Helping you innovate, transform, and lead

We provide the insights, services and advice to solve your biggest problems.

Our expertise covers a range of industries and we offer a broad range of consulting services, meaning we're best placed to provide you with the tailored support you need.

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Human Capital

We believe in empowering organisations to succeed through their people. Our transformation solutions will help you harness the power of digital to re-imagine the power of human.

Social Impact

We have a passion for helping organisations in the public, private, and social sectors become a catalytic force to meet social challenges.
We bring a breadth of expertise combined with our passion for delivering lasting social change.

Business Operations

Uplift operations and transform your organisation’s capabilities with cognitive, data, cloud and other advanced solutions. This is underpinned with our knowledge and insights.

Enterprise Technology

We work with the world’s leading technology providers to enable a strategic and dynamic transition to both enterprise-wide systems and specific organisational functions such as finance, IT management, and supply chain.

The Massive Collective is a collection of professionals banded together as a Digital Agency specialising in Strategic & Business Development, Consultancy and Product & Service Development services.

All though primarily based in Wellington, Aotearoa, we are an entirely virtual team who function across all Aotearoa, Australia and with some overseas on their OE (overseas experience).