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Whakamana Alpha Testing Application Form

Thank you for your interest in Whakamana. The Whakamana Digital Platform is the enablement of digital solutions for Companies and Organisations. 

We are excited to announce we are taking expression of interest applications for companies, organisations or individuals who are interested in becoming an alpha tester

Who we are looking for

We are currently looking for 30 Companies, Organisations or Individuals to test the Whakamana Digital Platform from November 2021 through to March 2022 while Whakamana is in Alpha Testing. These candidates will then transition into Beta testing.

We are looking for a mixture of candidates to test Whakamana from all walks of life. This could be a small business, startup, community organisation, not for profit organisation or individual with a “side hustle” 

What we are testing

The chosen candidates will be asked to test two features in this first initial alpha test

  • Web Hosting Services
    • Transferring a current website or application to be hosted on Whakamana:
    • Creation of a new website (Content Management System) hosted on Whakamana using our Recipe 
    • Creation of an eCommerce website hosted on Whakamana using our Recipe 
  • Productivity Software Solutions
    • Email & Office Productivity Services
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Intranet/extranet Solutions

Expectations of the Alpha Testers

If you are chosen to be an Alpha Tester of Whakamana, we expect you to take part in feedback rounds providing critical information to improve our product and service. Feedback will be collected in various ways and will differ depending on the product or service of Whakamana you are using. 

There will be no costs to testers over the Alpha and Beta phases of Whakamana.

Information you need to provide

This application is broken into three main sections

  • Company or Organisation Information
  • Main Point of Contact Information for your Company or Organisation  
  • Product or Service(s) you are interested in


Company/Organisation Information

Main Point of Contact Information

Whakamana Product/Services

Please select the following products/services required from Whakamana, include a detailed rationale of the products/services to help us with our decision-making process in the notes section at the bottom of this page.


The Alpha Testing of Whakamana is governed by the following agreements

By clicking submit you agree to these terms.

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All though primarily based in Wellington, Aotearoa, we are an entirely virtual team who function across all Aotearoa, Australia and with some overseas on their OE (overseas experience).