Other Kanban Classes

Expanding your knowledge in Kanban in other areas
Short classes on offer to expand your knowledge

Other Kanban Classes

In addition to our standard classes, The Massive Collective offers a variety of short-form classes to bolster your knowledge in specific areas expanding your knowledge on your Kanban journey.

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The Massive Collective Other Kanban Courses Summary
The Massive Collective F4P
Measure with purpose

Data & Metrics Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn about flow metrics and charts, and how those are closely dependent on how you visualise your work for better delivery and flow to your customer. You will also learn about the fit-for-purpose framework, a decision framework within the Kanban Method. The fit-for-purpose framework combines both narrative- and data-based approaches to sensing customer segments, and their criteria and assessing fitness. 

Course outline:

  • Kanban Principles and Practices and how they accompany the topics of the session.
  • What are the most important flow metrics and how to use them.
  • Introducing Little's Law.
  • Building and reading a Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD), a Lead Time Distribution, and other metrics. How can they help you with forecasting and analysis.
  • How can metrics and data help you with visualising and managing your work better.
  • Get a basic understanding of measuring how your products and services are fitter for your customers purposes.

Duration: 2 -3 Hours

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Get started with your first Kanban System

Kanban System Design workshop

In this workshop, you will be led through defined steps to analyse your current system of work and how to set up a first version in a meaningful way. This workshop is highly recommended in combination with a foundation class, and if you are keen to kick-start your Kanban journey right away. The output and outcome of this workshop will be particular to your context. 

Duration: 2 Days
Pre-requisites: None

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The Massive Collective Kanban System Design Workshop
The Massive Collective Okaloa Flowlab
Management simulations

Okaloa Flowlab Simulations

The management simulation Okaloa Flowlab simulates flow across your organisation from different perspectives: the team perspective, the end-to-end perspective, the perspective of specialists, the cross-teams perspective, and the value stream perspective. It replicates specific, real-life challenges and how to define improvements. The Okaloa Flowlab provides learning of efficient multi-project, multi-team delivery and scaling. It motivates people to get actively involved and achieve results quickly. The workshop stimulates meaningful and objective conversations. After the simulation, participants are more willing to listen to each other and adapt their working methods. The set of Flowlab Simulations covers the entire organisation. From the humble but impactful Teamflow to End-to-end delivery. From optimising teams to aligning expectations and workload in entire chains. The innovative strength of the Okaloa Flowlab simulations is that they simulate specific challenges. In a simple yet powerful way, participants experience their process limitations and the power of Kanban values, principles and practices to define improvements in their context. Back in real life, 30% lead time and delivery improvements are no exception.

Duration:4.5 Hours

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Improve Your Scrum By Adding the Practices and Evolutionary Change Approach From the Kanban Method

Scrum Better with Kanban

Scrum Better with Kanban can help you improve your Scrum through the introduction of proven Kanban practices, principles, and application of evolutionary change management. This course captures the lessons learned from Scrum teams that successfully evolved their way of working by using evolutionary change found in the Kanban Method. Our hands-on training will ensure that you walk away with a proven approach to introducing changes that will deliver results for your team and organization.

Is Scrum Better with Kanban the Right Course For Me?

If you are a Scrum practitioner, team lead, Scrum Master, Agile coach, or a manager who wants to understand an evolutionary approach to improving your Scrum using the Kanban practices, the Scrum Better with Kanban course is a great place to get started!

Coach: “My job is to help teams using Scrum to improve and realize their full potential. I work with many Scrum teams in this large complex organization. How can I help these teams embrace their opportunities for improvement?”

Team member: “I want to help my team improve and get better at doing Scrum. What can I do to give them ideas and learn from prior attempts at improvement?”

Duration: In-person, one-day course or eight-hour virtual course
Pre-Requisites: All experience levels are welcome! No previous Kanban training or experience is required.
Certified Training: Participants will receive a certificate of completion and earn the Scrum Kanban Practitioner (SKP) credential

What You Will Leave With

  • Learn how to identify and analyze the challenges in and around your Scrum and how to prepare solutions to address these challenges.
  • Identify and develop solutions to the variability that is delaying or slowing down your work.
  • Develop and test potential solutions to problems that reflect the principles and practices of the Kanban Method.

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The Massive Collective Scrum Better with Kanban

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